Navalis is engineering company based in Split, Croatia, successfully dealing with highest challenges in shipbuilding industry. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals provides reliable engineering solutions in ship construction and piping, offshore and inshore constructions. We provide a wide range of services, from concept design, various calculations, basic engineering to detail engineering and production.

Navalis also offers production capabilities to produce small-scale steelworks and pipelines in our facility in Bjelovar, Croatia as well as installment services on Client’s request and locations. Navalis is using sophisticated technology, tools and procedures to fulfill complete worldwide customers requirements.


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Navalis maritime solutions

Navalis solar energy solutions

Put Budeševa 5/A
21312 Podstrana (Split)

NAVALIS, d.o.o. za održavanje brodova i trgovinu | Put Budeševa 5/A, Podstrana | Trgovački sud u Splitu MBS 060169005 | OTP banka d.d. IBAN HR2624070001100573225 | Temeljni kapital 31.413.000,00 kuna uplaćen u cijelosti | Ivan Ljubičić, član uprave | OIB: 61746689474