• Hull Structure Scantlings
  • MCP-main construction classification drawings
  • 3D Basic model

During B.D.H. phase Navalis define the concept of structural items according Scantling calculation. The model is used as a space reservation for all disciplines on project, outfitting, interior, etc. Using this model Navalis can provide all the necessary drawings for approval –Hull construction plan, Bottom construction plan, Main sections hull, Watertight bulkheads, Hull details, Shell expansion drw.



  • Pipe prerouting and space reservations
  • 3D Model equipment and positioning
  • 3D Model insulation, foundations and floors

During B.D.P. phase Navalis define routs for pipelines and cable trays, making space reservations for equipment, insulation and interior according building specification and Lloyds rules. In cooperation with hull and interior departments, Navalis propose solutions to install mechanical parts in ship in functional and serviceable way, but without decreasing ships integrity and usability. In cooperation with architect and HVAC designer Navalis tries to optimize interior and space between interior and hull.


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