• 3D Detail Model
  • Workshop drawings
  • Panel/Subpanel drawings
  • Profile sketches
  • MTO lists (profiles, parts, pos.lists…)
  • Parts for cutting&bending
  • Shell plating parts&templates
  • Shell frames sketches&templates

Using 3D model from B.D.H. phase and specific standards od shipyard Navalis can provide a 3D detail model. The new model includes all the details which must be built in production,… submodels, parts, cutouts, scallops, welding details, HIPs, intercostals, etc. After the 3D model is final and approved Navalis can start to prepare all the package information for production. The D.D.H. package include all the drawings necessary for building, parts for cutting, templates for bending of plates or profiles, list with all parts per section.


  • 3D Model pipeline systems
  • Piping, HVAC, E&I, foundations,
  • Combination and system layout drawings
  • Production info.&isometrics
  • Steel outfitting arrangement drawing (foundations, floors,…)

In D.D.P. phase all small collisions between equipment, structure or insulation have to be solved. When everything in model is in the best order we proceed to making production info for pipes and foundations, as well as layout drawings for the yard: combination drawings (pipe lines and cable trays), drawings per system, drawings of foundations, arrangement drawings etc.

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